At Brand Authentic we assist online business-owners, coaches and service-based business- owners with guidance and support to start and/or scale their business?

We absolutely love what we do and wholeheartedly believe in the power of coaching.

Not sure if coaching is for you? no problem, apply for a complimentary discovery call  and let's have a virtual coffee date, get to know each other and see how we can help you.

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First things first - Let’s define what a Business Coach does...
“A Business Coach is someone who can guide you through the process of taking your idea and turning that into an actual fully-fledged business”.
Whether you have a product or service based business, a coach will provide you with the one-on-one support you need to start turning a profit sooner rather than later.
Already have a business? A coach can help you gain clarity around your goals, in order to scale and grow!
We really believe that working with a coach is one of the most valuable investments you will ever make.
Still not convinced? Here are our Top 5 reasons people hire a business coach:
Clarity and Goal Setting:
Gain clarity around your unique value proposition and ideal client niche.
A coach can motivate you, and ensure that you stay committed to your goals.
Customized Strategy:
Initial business ideas, setting up a business, mindset training, marketing etc.
Personal Development:
People don’t buy products and services, they buy solutions, benefits, transformation and better versions of themselves. And so it is always a good idea to be on top of your own game mentally and spiritually.
Scale a Business:
Instead of taking the trial and error route - let a coach show you tried and tested methods that are more likely to have you turning a profit or taking your business to the next level...the smart way.
We are so excited to be focusing on this much needed service. We provide group and individual sessions. 

If you'd like to request a booking with us you can simply fill in the online booking form below.

"An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest"

- Benjamin Franklin