Welcome to the family, Ambassadors !

We are so happy to have you onboard. Brand Authentic is a growing company built around women empowerment. Our goal is to see our sisters grow and succeed. Your journey with us with will be filled with opportunities to gain experience, knowledge, make connections and a chance to be part of an amazing initiative of growth and upliftment in our beautiful country.

During this experience you will be introduced to, Shevani Naidoo, Operations Officer. She will be your go to person should you have any questions, concerns or thoughts. 

This platform will allow you to stay updated with everything related to Brand-Authentic and the ambassador program. We recommend visiting this link at least twice per month. News, information and updates will be posted on this platform with a notification sent via email. This is to limit any miscommunications as we continue to work together. 

Monthly Requirement Sheet

In order to prevent any confusion and to create an open communication channel between us, please complete the below requirement sheet every month. The requirement sheet will allow us to keep track of all the tasks you have completed for the month. This will also allow us to keep track of any members you have signed up in an effort to prevent any errors on both parties.  Please complete the below honestly and to the best of your ability. 

Select the completed tasks

Thank you hun!